About Us

It would be an understatement to say that the cold supply chain in India is in its nascent stages. It is plagued with issues. Perishables are not stored or transported at specific temperatures, there are transport delays and breakdowns, and adding to the melee are products that are poorly packed, leading to damage and contamination. The whole infrastructure of the cold supply chain is inadequate. To counter this all and create a whole new generation of supply chain-focused solutions, brring came into existence.

We cracked the code of managing the integrated supply chain. Through painstaking effort and trial and error, we have built a strong network of temperature-controlled warehouses and trucks in major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. We have also developed advanced, foolproof processes and procedures that ensure perishable products are stored and shipped at the correct temperatures, protecting the product against textural degradation, discolouring, and microbial contamination. We have streamlined the end-to-end supply chain and offer it as a service to brands looking to optimise their warehousing and logistic supply chain. However, brring’s biggest achievement is tech-enabled, data-driven solutions that go beyond distribution.

One of the biggest reasons clients prefer us is that we enable their business with technology that gives them better control and visibility of their products. Through our unified technology platform that runs on easy-to-use APIs, clients can monitor at what temperatures their products are being stored and delivered, leaving you to focus on production.

brring also provides business intelligence through data. Our strong data analytics and insights can help you formulate retail business growth strategies, and JIT fulfilment planning, take advantage of redistribution and re-commerce, reduce RTVs, and build measurable brand value. brring has created multiple services and solutions that will help your business succeed.


Brring’s Executive Management

Mr. Sahil Mehta


Mr. Nitin Gera

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Shailesh Kant Sharma

Chief Operating Officer

Lt Col Vijay Bhagoliwal